Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Dear Esteemed Customers !

First we regret and apologies for the inconvenience to  our decision to process the orders once in each 15 days. But since the number of order received for Odia Books is so less , that, it is practical difficult to sustain a project by spending huge amount from owners pockets. As an e-commerce service provider, we never maintain stocks in our office. Whenever, we receive an order, the order is processed and one person runs from publisher to publisher to collect and assemble the books before dispatch. So, working for a single order to collect books amounting order value less than Rs.1000/- is not feasible (Considering the Fuel expenses and wage factor). So previously we were processing the orders once in a week. But last 1 years, we have seen a drastically fall in the order of Odiabooks in our portal, which may be due to increase of number of e-commerce portals to sell odiabooks online. Whatever the cause may be, engaging a person to collect books from different publishers seating in different geographical locations of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and packing the books and standing in Q to dispatch the Books in Post offices and getting rough behaviour from Q customers is unpalatable. Where as the orders are decreasing day by day. So, just for a passion to promote OdiaBooks and to make available OdiaBooks to the Book lovers , we are running the portal without considering our loss factors. 

But behaviours of some customers regarding the delayed procedure is very much painful. Customers never try to understand the process and expense involved in selling OdiaBooks. They used to compare the services offered by top e-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart with ours. But the fact is that, when they are facng loss in Crores , we are facing in lacs. But they are getting funds in Crores while we are burning our owners fingers for continuing with Pasion. But lastly we agree that, passion can not be a business, and business can not be a passion. That is the reason, while big e-commerce players failed to promote Regional Books like Odia Books , we are continuing till date. While big e-commerce players have diverted their online business to electronic and other grocery items , we still remained with our passion and love for books which is our mistake.

Since, the expectation of customers are high for immediate service, and behaviour are erratic, we have decided to make changes in our policies. Since 1st November 2019, We used to Process each orders once in a Fortnight that is on Second Wednseday and Fourth Wednseday and orders are generally shipped on Next Thursday. 

Once, the orders are received, the ordered Books are listed / categorised publisher wise and intimated to the concerned publishers. After getting the Books from the concerned publishers, we used to collate and start packing and hand over the packet to the India Post for Shipment. The Process generally takes minimum 14-21 days and in some cases more than that. But we make it Wednesday in each fortnight to collect the ordered books from the Publishers who are present in different parts of the state and then the rest part of processing starts.

Already  with effect from 1st April 2017, we have discontinued the Cash on Delivery Facility. As in most of the cases, it is observed that, most customers used to place orders , but while the consignment is shipped, they did not use to receive the consignment. In such cases (huge numbers are coming back) , as a service provider we used to bear the packaging cost and the shipment cost as well as the book cost also. (As the Books are not returned back to the publishers).

Besides, a majority customers used to place order for a single book even books worth of less than 50 and to pay a shipping charges of Rs 100/- and used to raise complaints for shiiping charges. We are here by clarifying that, what ever the cost of the book may be or cost of the order may be, the fixed expense remains same for collecting books, pacaking and shipping till post office and every step employees are involved. So, if any order having less than Rs.500/- will be subjected to a penalty of an extra Rs 50/- in order to promote for more purchases of more than Rs.500/-. Hope customers will understand the problems faced by us.

There are some valuable customers placing Orders from outside India (NRI). and in that case though the Shiping Charges used to be calculated as Rs.100/- Flat along with the above structure, we find it difficult to Ship the consignment abroad in such a minimum fees. As the shipment for abroad used to be charged according to weightage and we do not have any information about the approxmately weightage of the Books from the publisher side, We request the Customers purchasing from abroad to make contact in 09776040400 / 09776640400 / 07873040400 for details of the order status. and in such type of cases, the Customers are advised to pay the actual shiiping charges , if they are interested to have a buy.

The main aim of changing the policies is to promote Odia Books and to promote Odia Reading Culture Once again !

Thanks a lot being with us 

Happy Purchase OdiaBooks !

Dr. Purna Chandra Pradhan, (Founder-Promoter)